How to Plan Healthy Meetings

The meetings industry has become increasingly conscious about its impact on the health of our planet.  From the increase in virtual meetings, to the decrease in printed materials, to the use of locally sourced food at catered functions, putting our planet first has become a trend that is sure to continue.

But what about the health of your attendees?  Meetings and conferences can be prime opportunities to forget your normal eating habits and remain sedentary for extended periods of time.  Here are some tips to keep your attendees healthy and alert at your next meeting:

  1. Beef up your continental breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so rather than just providing sugary pastries, consider adding some fruit, yogurt, bagels with cream cheese, or hot protein items. [Credit: American Cancer Society]
  2. Think of ways to substitute traditional catered items with healthy alternatives (either a low-fat version, or something completely different!).
  3. Always include vegetarian options.
  4. Incorporate physical activity into your icebreakers. [Credit: Tufts University – Guide to Creating Healthy Meetings, page 10]
  5. Keep your outdoor break areas smoke-free for the health of all your attendees.  Starting in 2013, UCLA will be a smoke-free campus!
  6. Don’t keep candy on meeting tables or in break areas.  This contributes to mindless eating, as well as a “sugar crash” as the day goes on.

For more healthy meeting tips, check out this great article from the American Cancer Society.

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