How to Survive Carmageddon Part 2

Last summer, a 10 mile span of the 405 freeway was closed for 1 weekend. This year, the same closure will occur again from September 29-30.

What’s Closed: I-405 North from I-10 to US-101, and I-405 South from US-101 to Getty Center Drive

What’s Happening: The North side of the Mulholland Bridge will be demolished, and will be rebuilt over the course of the next year.

Start Time: Ramp closures starting at 7pm on Friday, September 28
End Time: Freeway opening scheduled for 5am on Monday, October 1

Heavy publicity for the 2011 closure resulted in most motorists staying off the roads. However, Los Angeles city officials worry that complacency will cause many to resume their normal driving patterns, which could lead to serious gridlock, and even issues with emergency vehicles getting through.

How to Cope: Plan ahead and stay local – take the bus, walk, or ride a bike. Only use a car if it is an absolute emergency. Run any errands that require a car before the weekend, so that you don’t find yourself without what you need at home.

PSA From Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa:

So what can you do during Carmageddon 2? Plenty!

Metro has created a great map of local businesses that are offering discounts or special events during Carmageddon weekend. Click on the picture to check out what’s brewing in your neighborhood:

Additional Resources:
Things to Do When the 405 is Closed

Check back with us for more updates as Carmageddon 2 draws closer.


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