Memorable meetings start at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center!

UCLA Conference Services is excited to be hosting the annual system-wide University of California Conference Services planning session up at the beautiful UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center this month.  As we were planning this event, we were reminded of the many great reasons to visit and stay at the Conference Center – and here are just a few!

Thanksgiving Holiday Getaway!  Wednesday, November 21 thru Sunday, November 25, 2012. Let the great folks at UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center treat you to their famous mountaintop hospitality – including a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner – while you enjoy a relaxing and fun-filled weekend holiday with your family and friends. Watch the leaves turn the beautiful colors of fall as you sit by the cracking fireplace with the smell of roasted Turkey filling the air! A UC affiliation is required to stay during this time.

 An inspirational place to meet!  Conveniently located only two hours away from most Southern California locations, the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center’s lakeside setting in the San Bernardino Mountains is truly inspirational. Worlds away from the big city, the Center provides all-inclusive package plans that include chalet-style accommodations, meeting rooms with full A/V setup, and chef-prepared meals, all set amidst the Center’s old-world charm.  Groups of up to 200 are welcome September through June, with no University of California affiliation required.

 Award-winning Food!  Come see why the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center has won the “Taste of Lake Arrowhead” award for the best food on the mountain, three years running.  The entire culinary team takes extreme pride in providing the most outstanding food at every meal, ensuring a fabulous dining experience for each guest.

Visit the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center website to book your stay!

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