Catering and Event Trends for 2013

Emerald Green Décor – Since Pantone has named emerald green the color of the year for 2013 (well, officially it’s Emerald 17-5641), expect to see it featured prominently in event and catering décor.

Beer – As the craft beer industry gains popularity, serving Coors and Bud Light at your next catered event may not seem like such a cool idea. Look out for selections from local craft breweries, as well as more international options.

More Greens – Not only will you see more green décor, but you’ll see more greens on plates. Many people are looking to reduce their meat consumption, so expect to set aside more ‘green space’ on your plate for all that extra kale and chard.

Great Food Matters, But A Big-Name Chef Doesn’t – According to a recent survey by Destination Hotels & Resorts, planners are [unsurprisingly] more concerned with the quality of the food, rather than having a big-name chef attached to a hotel or catering service.

Popcorn – It’s not just for the movies! Expect to see popcorn bars filled with all sorts of gourmet popcorn varieties. From spicy, to savory, to doused in chocolate, popcorn will be the new “it snack” of 2013.

Increased Offerings for Dietary Needs – This is a great thing. As awareness of dietary needs increases, so do menu offerings. You’ll likely see more vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free options in 2013.

3 thoughts on “Catering and Event Trends for 2013

  1. These catering trends are still holding strong in 2015, especially the healthy eating (more greens), which is great and speaks volumes to the new awareness that people have of the importance of healthy fresh ingredients. On interesting trend that I’m not sure if you guys are seeing as well, because we are in Vancouver, is more people wanting rustic style events. Especially weddings, but even on the corporate side of things as well. Really interesting, but I like it!

    All the Best
    Savoury Chef Foods

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