When is Carmageddon 2012?

With the impending “Rampture” caused by the Wilshire 405 ramp closures, everyone is wondering when Carmageddon Part 2 will take place.

In 2011, a 10 mile stretch of the 405 freeway was closed for a weekend, and thankfully the publicity was good enough to keep drivers off the roads. Los Angeles streets were less congested than normal, even despite the freeway closure.

Metro officials haven’t released the date for 2012’s “Carmageddon,” when the north side of the Mulholland Bridge will be demolished. At about this time last year, the date for the 2011 Carmageddon was known to everyone, so it’s a bit surprising that a date has not been announced. All signs point to a weekend sometime in Summer 2012, but beyond that, it is hard to say.

We’ll be following Carmageddon closely, so check back with us for the latest coverage, as well as our tips on staying safe & sane during the 405 freeway closures. Our coverage of this and last year’s Carmageddon events can be found here.

In the meantime, are you prepared for the Rampture?


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