Tweeting for a University Conference Office

Managing a Twitter account for a university conference or events office can be challenging, both in terms of the time involved and the content needed to keep your tweets interesting.

One of the most important things to remember is that Twitter is an on-going conversation. It’s a place to share great content, and to interact with a wide variety of people and organizations. It’s not a place to advertise nonstop. It’s also important to know who your audience is (off-campus clients, students, campus departments, other event professionals, etc.), so that you can tailor your content accordingly.

So if you’re not promoting your operation, what can you tweet about? Here are some ideas, based on what has worked well for UCLA and many other universities:

  • Things that are happening on your campus (not directly related to your office)
  • Things that are happening in your city that your audience may find interesting
  • Photos of your campus, events that take place, catering displays, etc. Georgia Tech Conference Services (@gatechconfserv) does a great job of this. People always love to see a visual of what you are talking about!
  • Trends in the conference & event industry
  • Interact with guests who are tweeting about attending an event on your campus
  • Events and trade shows that your office attends
  • Campus and student achievements
  • Help promote events that are taking place on your campus. UC Santa Barbara Conference Services (@UCSBConferences) and DeSales University Conferences (@DSU_Conferences) do a great job of promoting both their summer conferences and academic year events that take place.
  • Your own tips for conferences and events
  • Fun and unrelated material – this shouldn’t overwhelm your Twitter stream, but it’s always nice to have a lighthearted (but work appropriate) article for your followers to read.

You don’t have to do all the work. Many organizations feel deterred from Twitter because they feel they need to generate lots of new content on their own. If you see a Tweet with a link you think is relevant to your audience, all you have to do is “retweet,” and the article will instantly be shared with everyone who follows you, while giving credit to the person who originally shared it. Make sure that your organization follows other people and organizations who are likely to provide content that meets the criteria above, so that you have a constant stream of material from which to choose.

Happy tweeting!


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