Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt in Westwood

Whether you’re a Bruin looking for a late night treat or a UCLA conference guest who wants to go out and explore Westwood, we’ve got some great places to get your ice cream fix:

  1. Diddy Riese. Don’t be mistaken – there is only one Diddy Riese location, and it is in Westwood, less than one block from UCLA. For $1.50, you get a big scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two of Diddy Riese’s famous cookies. It doesn’t get any better than that. 926 Broxton Avenue (google map)
  1. Saffron & Rose. This is just outside Westwood Village, but is still considered to be in Westwood, and is well worth the extra few blocks. Try incredible home-made flavors like white rose, date, watermelon, green apple, and saffron. 1387 Westwood Boulevard (google map)
  1. Malibu Yogurt & Ice Cream. Looking for something a little healthier? Malibu Yogurt & Ice Cream offers 14 flavors of non-fat, sugar free, dairy free, and low-carb yogurts. 10921 Le Conte Avenue (google map)
  1. Yogurtland. This frozen yogurt shop lets you create a yogurt concoction as big or small as you like, with a huge variety of toppings. 10911 Lindbrook Drive (google map)
  1. Baskin Robbins. You just can’t go wrong with 31 flavors, and it’s conveniently located in UCLA’s beautiful Kerckhoff Hall. Kerckhoff Coffee House – Baskin Robbins (google map)
  1. Rite Aid. Classic Thrifty ice cream! No, it’s not 15 cents anymore, but it’s still a steal, and conveniently located just 1 block from UCLA. 1001 S. Glendon Avenue (google map)
  1. Café Glacé. Persian ice cream and frozen yogurt (Saffron frozen yogurt? Yes please!). Like Saffron & Rose, this is also south of Wilshire. 1441 Westwood Boulevard (google map)

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