Things to Do When the 405 is Closed July 15-18

From 7pm on July 15 to 5am on July 18, the 405 freeway will be closed from the I-10 to the 101. Yes…closed! But what some experts are calling “Carmageddon” can be a great opportunity for Angelinos to explore their neighborhoods. Here are some ideas to keep you busy:

  1. Take a walk around your neighborhood! It’s great exercise, and you can finally stop at that café that you drive by daily but always forget to try.
  2. Have a barbeque. There’s never a bad time to grill up some meat (or veggie burgers, if that’s your style)!
  3. Read a book. Or two. Put a dent in that summer reading list!
  4. Make art with sidewalk chalk. You’re never too old!
  5. Patronize local businesses. You know all those small mom-and-pop shops that you usually pass over for the megastore 5 miles away? Why don’t you give them a try? You might find just the thing you’ve been looking for.
  6. Ride your bike. Always remember to use designated bike lanes and to use your helmet!
  7. Cook up a great meal with friends or family. If you need to brush up on your cooking skills, there’s no better time than when the route to your favorite restaurant is jammed with cars!
  8. Take on a home improvement project you’ve been putting off. That flower bed isn’t going to re-plant itself!
  9. Meet some neighbors at your local park. You can play basketball, go down the slide (we won’t judge!), or even go for a run if your gym isn’t within walking distance.
  10. Make crafts with your kids, walk your dog, make faces at your fish, or play with your cat.

If you’re on campus for the weekend, either as a student or a visitor, you have lots of options. You could take a stroll in UCLA’s beautiful Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden, go for a swim or toss a frisbee at the Sunset Canyon Recreation Center, or walk down to Westwood Village for some great shopping. For more ideas on what to do at UCLA, click here.


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