UCLA Housing Construction & Growth for Summer Conferences

In 1959, UCLA opened Dykstra Hall–its first residence hall on the northwest campus. During the past five decades, we’ve added high-rise residence halls, plaza rooms with private bathrooms, and suite-style accommodations. Now, the northwest campus is lovingly referred to by students as “The Hill,” a vibrant community of almost 10,000 student-residents during the academic year. To meet its goal of providing four years of student housing for all incoming freshmen, UCLA is currently building 1,525 additional bed spaces.

Credit: http://www.housing.ucla.edu/construction
Credit: http://www.housing.ucla.edu/construction

This project will have a huge impact on UCLA’s summer conference program. Not only will we have more than 1,500 additional sleeping rooms for conference guests, but also additional meeting spaces, a brand new residential restaurant with seating for 750, and a ballroom with views of the UCLA campus for up to 450 guests. All of the new buildings achieve the U.S. Green Building Council’s “LEED Silver Rating” and are scheduled to be completed in Fall 2013.

To watch us grow LIVE, check out our construction webcams at: http://www.housing.ucla.edu/videos/live-cams.htm

For more information about UCLA Housing construction, please visit www.housing.ucla.edu/construction.


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