Tips for a More Sustainable Event

UCLA Sustainability Logo Do you want to make your event more green but not sure how? Check out these great tips from UCLA Sustainability on how to make your meeting or event more sustainable:


  • Go paperless for invitations by using e-mail or internet (e.g. Evite).
  • Decorate naturally with plants, local flowers, or edible centerpieces.
  • Instead of paper table cloths, either go without or use cloth.
  • Use compostable or reusable plates, utensils, and/or cups.


  • Order food and drinks in bulk rather than individually wrapped items. Less packaging means less goes to landfill.
  • Order food from businesses located close to the office to minimize resources needed for transport.
  • Order locally grown/produced food to minimize impact in terms of processing and transport to store, but look for hidden costs.
  • Provide a water station with reusable mugs in lieu of individual bottles of water.


  • Provide clearly labeled recycling bins for separation of waste: cans/bottles/plastics, compost (if available), landfill, etc.
  • Clean items prior to recycling, if needed (e.g. oil-contaminated items cannot be recycled). Donate leftover food to a local charity.

UCLA Conferences and Catering is committed to going green. Talk with your Sales Manager on how you can make your event more sustainable.

For more tips visit: UCLA Green Events or UCLA Sustainability


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