Meeting on a budget?

General Tips

  • Look for alternatives to expensive meeting space such as space at a local university or another unique venue. This generally results in a huge savings to your event because unlike a hotel, alternative venues may not charge service or gratuity fees.
  • Be flexible with your dates.
  • Purchase your own Audio Visual equipment that you use often such as a projector, wireless remote, or laser pointer. This will help you avoid costly rental fees.
  • With F & B most places will negotiate room rental rates.
  • Supply your own beverages, if the venue will allow you to do so.
  • Negotiate multi-year contracts with the venue to lock in lower rates.
  • Consider a video conference or conference call with non-local participants to keep travel costs down.


  • Look for free or low-cost happenings on campus or in the vicinity of your venue.
  • Look to use local entertainers or speakers to save on travel/accommodation costs.


  • Bring your own linen (one-time purchase instead of renting for each delivery/event).
  • Edible centerpieces – rather than spending extra money on floral centerpieces, try a bread basket, tiered dessert tray, or fruit arrangement. You’ll save money and avoid an empty table.
  • Make signage generic enough that it can be reused for several events.

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